Vivida Lifestyle – The Movie

vivida lifestyle the trailer - Vivida Lifestyle - The Movie

Vivida is a lifestyle brand making clothes for those who love the water. They've just released a full feature length movie which captures the essence of the brand.

So yeah, this ‘Vivida' thing is pretty cool and all that, but like – what's it all about? Vivida Lifestyle​ presents to you ‘Together'. A full length feature movie showing what the Vivida Lifestyle is all about. Vivida is more than a brand. Its a movement, a project, a philosophy. Uniting a community of adventurers, dreamers, thinkers and doers with a passion for life and all it has to offer.

This isn't one to watch on the mobiles! Get it up on the big screen with some proper speakers. Sit back, pour a cuppa tea, and get your cinema hats on because TONIGHT you've got plans.

Shot in breathtaking locations including: Tarifa, Dominican Republic, Brazil, England, Mauritius, New Zealand, Dubai, Portugal, Greece, Australia and Zanzibar.

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