Welcome to the Other Side

“We demostrated why being a kiter today is the greatest thing ever. After our first project “As Free As The Wind” last year, Jerome and I decided to get back together to make another one. With this film we wanted to prove all the things we had heard about Australia. So we went there. We’d go on adventures searching for Kangaroos, Koalas, Snakes, Seals and all those animals we were promised to see. The landscapes and shoreline did not disappoint either. We also found wind. And when we didn’t find it, we didn’t complain. We did other things. We went to Perth. Went to the cable. We did a road trip. Went to Rottnest island, to Margaret River and everything in between. We toured around WA and eventually realized, how that was going to be our first and not last visit to Australia after all.

 This film materializes why we do this. Why we travel. Why we kite. And why we live. 

JEROME CLOETENS          /          NOÈ FONT          /          STEFAN SPIESSBERGER

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