Winter Waterfalls

Alex Robin takes the Peak 3 out to explore the Col du Lautaret. See what he has to say about the adventure below.

When the wind is South East on Col du Lautaret a huge playground is offered to us snowkiters. Armed with our little wings to climb up everywhere, we stroll between the great Galibier and Lautaret. In the morning we departed with a FLYSURFER Kiteboarding single-skin PEAK3 foilkite in 4.0m together with Nico on route to the Pic Blanc.

From the bottom the slopes are enlighted by the sun and give us envy, but the light is too strong and finally the snow not good, so we decide to go back to Chaillol and look for the canyon by carving down, the show is superb with all this snow that flies and materializes the wind… Nico settles himself in the shelter of a rock and guides me by radio and finally gives me the green light to ride into the bottom of the canyon which proved very playful and spectacular that day.

The more I climb, the more the snow is frozen, we do not realize it, but on the video you can clearly see that in the bottom of the canyon the snow is the best! The rest of the day we were able to climb the 3 Évêchés, the Pic Blanc and the Col du Galibier to finish with a debriefing with Joss Bonabel of Hotel des Glaciers.
To make such images in this sport, it is necessary to organize yourself professionally, but above all to adapt, and keep your eyes wide open, without necessarily looking for extreme features (ridges/peaks), but above all try to capture the beautiful colors and general atmosphere.

Rider & Video Edit: Alex Robin –
Camera: Nico Lelarge –
For more information go to:

Winter Waterfalls … a PEAK3 snowkite edit from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.


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