Tom Court brazil - WORLDS BEST KITE SPOT?

Tom Court is on the hunt for the world's best kite spot – could he have found it? 

In this episode of my free ride shreddery vlog, I am now in Brazil for the last stop of the GKA world kiteboarding freestyle tour in Cumbuco. Linking up with the whole international Duotone team, to catch up behind the scenes and see if I can get some of my own riding in at what are some of the best spots in the world to kite. I break away from the event with Hannah Whitley and we go and check out the world famous cauipe lagoon to see what it is like, with a flash back from 2006 to some of my earliest videos when I used to travel to this amazing land.

Kiteboarding has the ability to take you to some amazing places in the world and this really is one of them. Shot mostly on my GoPro 10 and DJI race drone… this is first day impressions of what looks like will be an epic three weeks of shred on these wind blown beaches… Travel explore, ride and enjoy… that's the mission. Its nice to be back!!!

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