XAI-XAI – Mozambique – Full Movie (2020)

xai xai - XAI-XAI - Mozambique - Full Movie (2020)

This roadtrip started in Johannesburg on the way to Mozambique: four guys, one car full of kitegear, all onboard in a journey like no other.

During 3 weeks they wondered along the Mozambican coast, looking for flat water, dune for some soaring and perfect surf conditions.

Nothing was planned, they were just driven by the wind and the waves. Watch as they almost never crossed the border. How they managed to score empty lagoons with no one around. How they saw all the craziest wildlife you can imagine and how we ended up being stoked on life after every sessions…

Starring : Paul Serin, Nino Liboni, Hugo Badaroux, Victor Hays
Directed and edited by : Nino Liboni
Filmed by : Nino Liboni with the help of Sharkeye
Photographer : Hugo Badaroux

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