The Beach Culture World Tour

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The Brain Smiles in Barbados – Beach Culture World Tour

DeAction World, Christ Church, Barbados
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Brian Talma: [email protected]
Photos by Jason Hudson: [email protected]

CHRIST CHURCH, BARBADOS — In typical Caribbean fashion the flags are fully horizontal and morning has only barely worn off. With the early birds already on the water and a ramping forecast at our fingertips, it looks like we are in for a full day of heats. The Beach Culture World Tour is the brain child of windsurfing champion and Bajan olympian Brian Talma. Very simple in concept, BCWT rests at the intersect of the athlete and the sport. The self judged event is based on stoke, vibe, energy and skill. All the athletes judge one and other on style and acumen. This format allows the energy and the vibe to be center stage.
“It’s about the organic beach culture” Talma explains with a big smile as he sits against the brightly colored burger shack at deAction World in Christ Church Barbados. With decades of experience, Talma pulls the strings of this multi faceted waterman’s event. “Its about the beach town, the local culture and the local vibe,” explains Talma. “The Beach Culture World Tour is designed to create a healthy and safe atmosphere for the sport. Our mission is to create a safe place for locals and visitors to compete together on the ocean.”

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Since conception of the BCWT, Talma has directed his focus on cleaning up the beach of trash, plastic and crime. He has also dedicated his funds and attention to developing local businesses congruently. Many eco-sport tourism spots attract people from all over the world, Talma’s mission is meant to grow on this trend. The difference with deAction World and the Beach Culture World Tour is that growth can be directed back to the benefit of the local community. Time and again expats will come in, bring wealth and homogenize the local culture. Talma’s mission is meant to continue development of the local culture, a true Bajan experience unchanged by those that visit. Visitors can instead expect to get a true experience and leave with the infectious joy that floats in the air above the sea through a smile plastered on their faces.

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Barbados has seen great change and progress since the conception of Beach Culture. Building jobs for locals as certified kite instructors as well as professions in other service industry jobs, the organic growth of deAction World has only brought positive growth to the once sleepy and suspect corners of Silver Sands. Now in the 29th year, the ebb and flow of The Beach Culture World Tour has hosted professionals from all over the world. It has grown into a platform for change outside of just Barbados. As athletes from all over come to compete, they inevitably take the culture back to their homes. Back at their home beaches, the positivity is passed on and built on. As ambassadors to the ocean, BCWT waterman can best exemplify a responsible representation of the ocean and sport on the wind swept rolling blue folds that we love so dearly. We can only benefit from this cultural energy as we develop our cherished communities on the coast all over the world.

This year, BCWT is ramping up for the best event yet. Windsurf and kite surf talent from all over have arrived through Bridgetown to experience the genuine island vibe. Gollito Estredo from Venezuela and Airton Cozzolino from Cape Verde are quick on the water to demonstrate their acumen. The trades churn like a freight train along the outside reef providing perfect shoulder high sections for stylish top turns. Both from small and similar beach towns, Airton and Gollito exemplify the embodiment of Beach Culture. For once it isn’t about the sponsors, it isn’t about the grandstands and spectacle, it is about the love of the sport and the ocean alike. Talma understands this relationship between man and water, as a champion windsurfer, waterman and olympian, his mission is about authenticity and “Action!”

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