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Welcome to the biggest and most authoritative source of kitesurfing equipment on the planet! Over the last 8 years we have tested hundreds of kites, boards and foils. You can find all of the tests here (well, nearly all, we are adding the complete back catalogue over the coming weeks) enabling you to compare gear and choose your perfect set up. You can search our Ultimate Test results, our regular magazine tests, or both. Happy hunting!

Magazine Tests

Magazine Tests

Check all the latest kite, board and foil tests from TheKiteMag

Every issue we test the latest and greatest gear from across the kitesurfing sphere. We have test teams in Europe and the US with years of riding and industry experience to provide the very best gear reviews.

Ultimate Tests

Ultimate Test #3

Welcome to The Ultimate Test #3, home to all our in-depth reviews of the latest kiting gear

The Ultimate Test has become THE benchmark test in the kitesurfing world. Brands want to win, designers tweak their designs based on what we say, and thousands of riders only buy new gear once they have checked out how it performed in The Ultimate Test... It really is The Ultimate.


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