MT3 - Who Am I?

We saw this video and wondered more about the guy behind it, Marc Toth. TKM asked him for a few words on the making and the spot:

“What inspired me to do this video?

I started kiteboarding at the age of 12 years and probably like every kid I was like „Mum, dad I want to be world champion and win the PKRA!“ and stuff like this, but over the years this perspective changed. I really loved the freeride project and I really looked up to the whole UK-Crew! It was all about having fun, hanging out with people, filming and ride together! I mean who wouldn’t love to do the same 😉

Today I look up to people like Bas Koole, Noe Font, Stefan Spiessberger. They make some incredible projects, showing what kiteboarding is all about. They are really putting some money in there to make something different, something better. While I don't have a €6000, camera, I still hope to contribute to making quality videos for this media happy world. The interesting thing is that in the beginning several years ago, I could make a really low quality video and get 4000 views, now there's so much content out there, it is hard to get the same 4,000 views with better moves and better filming! But I will continue doing what I love and will work on it to make it better!

This video should show me doing what I love. Traveling, filming, editing, kiting, enjoying life! Actually I’ve never done a video with a voice over, because I don’t really feel comfortable listening to myself and I really had to listen to myself pretty often during editing. But I think it is really important for me as an athlete to talk in this video so people can link a voice to my face. It also makes the video look more professional :-).

MT1 795x530 - Who Am I?

Why this spot?

Actually I was a little bit stressed out with my studying, I couldn’t really kite anymore, because it was already too cold at home and I couldn’t afford the long trip to Brazil this year. My dad started thinking what we could do to change that. We found this cheap package deal about €800,- for one flight and the stay for one person at the Royal Tulip Beach Resort at Marsa Alam Egypt and we booked it together.

We didn't even think to film for a video, I wanted to just train and learn some more tricks without distractions, because performing for a camera, even when your dad is the one holding it, can be tiring and take away from learning and experimenting. But we had steady wind over several days and…

MT2 795x530 - Who Am I?

 After the first few days I learned already a few different and new tricks and my riding was probably my best so far. We had wind everyday from in the morning to the afternoon and our room was directly next to the beach so it didn’t take long time till my dad took out our camera and started filming. We were filming nearly everyday without any stress, recording every trick step by step till finally I had an OK tricklist, where I said OK it might be worth it to make a video.”

And now… Who Am I?

Filmed and edited by CreativeMonkey

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