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nexus 4 f1 - CORE NEXUS 4


The weapon is back! CORE welcome the NEXUS 4!

Unveil what's inside you

The Nexus 4 is your gateway to unleashing every aspect of the sport. A kite designed to meet all kitesurfing needs, and more.

Its Future-C-Shape is wonderfully agile and reactive, effortlessly translating the smallest steering impulses into pure, linear power. This is what makes free riding so playful and good wave sessions possible, kite loops become comfortable, and achieving doubles comes within reach, thanks to its lightning-fast, seamless turns without any jerky movements.

Set your goals and script the next chapter of your journey…

nexus 4 a5 1200x754 - CORE NEXUS 4
nexus 4 p1 - CORE NEXUS 4

A thinner leading edge makes the Nexus more responsive and faster

The secret of its exceptional all-round performance lies in the
special relationship between aspect ratio, arch profile, tip geometry and finely tuned bridle positioning, which has been
largely adopted. The development team, led by Frank Ilfrich,
meticulously revised the Leading Edge, which, among other things, has been given a smaller diameter. This adjustment makes
the Nexus more reactive and faster, particularly during turns
and loops, while also giving it an easier and improved drift.
In the new version, a new bladder material is used, which,
together with other optimizations, brings an average weight
saving of 200 grams per size while maintaining the same
performance as the Nexus 3. Thanks to its thinner leading edge
and weight advantage, the Nexus 4 now drifts even better.

nexus 4 p3 - CORE NEXUS 4

One model, all possibilities

Big air and kite loops are also still among its strengths. It’s
no wonder that the Nexus remains as the kite model of choice for
all-rounders and CORE team riders Steven Akkersdijk and Willow-
River Tonkin, who ride the Nexus at the highest level in many
disciplines. “With its arch and the width in the middle area of
the Future-C-shape, it achieves an extraordinary lift and good
hang time,” says Frank Ilfrich, Chief designer and father of the
model, adding: “The thinner leading edge makes kiteloops faster
and even doubles quite achievable.”

nexus 4 a6 1200x754 - CORE NEXUS 4

the 4th generation

Find out all the details over at CORE.com

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