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core 4 - CORE Pace Pro, Sensor 4 & Choice 6

CORE Pace Pro, Sensor 4 & Choice 6

With the completely newly developed CORE Pace Pro, they are expanding their range for the performance-oriented Big Air target group and all those who want to get there, with the help of the new Sensor 4 and Choice 6

Set The Pace. Pace Pro.

CORE’s first fixed-bridle kite opens up completely new possibilities with uniquely sporty riding characteristics that are second to none. Big jumps, fast kiteloops and safe catching have never been more accessible.


The name says it all

In big air, height naturally plays the central role – the measure of all things on the competition stage are currently double and triple loops and other complex maneuvers that require fast kites, without accelerating like the XR or GTS do. The CORE developers around Frank Ilfrich have now provided the perfect answer with the Pace Pro: with its ultra-stiff Aluula 3-strut airframe, the Pace is not only particularly powerful like the world record holder XR Pro, but also extremely fast and agile.

Fixed Bridle paves the way for stretched shape

Previously, the Pulley-Bridle had been the standard, but it imposed a technical limit on the aspect ratio. By switching to the fixed 14-point bridle, the development team broke new ground in design: “The fixed bridle allows us to realize a stretched 3-strut frame that combines first-class jumping performance with extremely fast, controlled loops,” explains Frank Ilfrich.

Optimal material mix: Aluula and CoreTex 2

Constructed from Aluula, the stiffest airframe material available, the kite features extremely thin leading edge and

strut diameters. This reduced diameter decreases air resistance, resulting in a faster kite. Combined with the low-stretch and at the same time very robust CoreTex 2, the exclusive CORE canopy optimally supports the properties targeted for the Pace Pro with constant power delivery, high flight stability and outstanding control.

Teamwork for the ultimate result

In order to get the maximum potential out of the Pace Pro, Frank Ilfrich enlisted the support of Team Riders and Big Air Champions Giel Vlugt, Zara Hoogenrad, Angely Buillot and Rising Star Shahar Tsabary, with whom he tailored the Pace Pro into the unique Big Air competition instrument over many months: “The best kite I’ve ever flown,” Giel Vlugt remembers his first session and continues: “And today the best one the market has seen so far”.

core2 1200x754 - CORE Pace Pro, Sensor 4 & Choice 6


The cleanest and most precise bar system on the market reaches the utmost peak in versatility and reliability. We maintained all unique characteristics such as the ultra-direct bar feeling, high-end built and components as well as the smooth auto untwist and precise 4:1 adjuster.

SFS+: Unique single-frontline safety opens up completely new

The Sensor 4 Bar has received an IKO tested SFS+ Safety. When the Quick Release is activated, the bar moves immediately to the kite with both backlines and a frontline. The kite blows out without pressure on only one front line (safety line) without any residual pull. This safety is suitable for fixed bridled kites such as the Pace Pro as well as pulley bridled kites (all other CORE kite models). In co

New flexibility by alternating between high and low V

The Sensor 4 Bar offers the possibility to switch between a low V and a high V (or Y). “While all CORE kites are optimized for a high V, a low V offers advantages for radical action with short lines under 20 meters,” explains bar designer Jannik Entringer and continues: “In addition, the Sensor 4 is even more universally applicable because it can be combined with many kites on the market, which is also supported by the new universal pigtails.”

Improved functional and haptic properties

The bar has been covered with a new EVA coating, which is both more comfortable and abrasion-resistant and durable, ensuring a non-slip, comfortable grip on the bar. For the first time, the floaters have been given grip surfaces and a larger diameter for more comfort. For the Pro version, the customer receives the thin but brutally strong lines made of the high tech material Tectanium 2 – which are now even more UV-resistant and therefore more durable thanks to a new coating. For the first time, short line sets from eight meters are optionally available, which are often used for training purposes or for radical low-loop action.

Proven Sensor 4 Details

Last but not least, the Sensor 4 continues to stand out with many well known, excellently solved functions – such as the foldout bar ends with flight and stow mode or the extremely simple and fast bar width adjustment, as well as the unsurpassed Auto- Untwist self-twisting function!

core 3 1200x754 - CORE Pace Pro, Sensor 4 & Choice 6


CORE’s high performance freestyle twintip for innovative moves and progressive style has been specifically enhanced for even better big air capabilities. It continues to impress with a smooth ride, combined with high agility, and now has even more grip for explosive take-offs, thanks to innovative features.

 Massive edge grip thanks to new rail channels for explosive take-off 

The Choice 6 has received two rail channels along its entire length. This generates an extreme edge grip which leads to increased line tension and thus more jump height. The surface of the rail channel is set at seven degrees, resulting in a visibly outwardly protruding angle of attack of the fins of also seven degrees. “At normal freeriding, everything remains as usual, but as soon as you edge hard, the fins unfold their effect with massive grip,” says Philip Schinnagel, Managing Director of CORE, explaining this small but decisive detail of the Choice 6. 

More sustainable construction improves performance 

The Choice 6 introduces Cartan 2, a carbon a material developed and tested over many years, proven in the Imperator 7 and Fusion 6. With its lower layer thickness, it lies flat on the core and uses significantly less resin due to optimized flow paths. This efficiency enhances stiffness and strength: less material, more performance! Because it is made to fit the outline of any board size, cutting waste has been reduced by 80%. In addition, GreenPoxy 33 is used for the laminating – an epoxy resin whose molecular structure is 35 percent plant-based. This percentage takes over the function of the original carbon content in the epoxy molecule. Several years of testing have proven its quality and performance, confirming our decision to go this more expensive but more environmentally friendly route. 

Flow-optimized underbody offers the perfect mix of grip, control and agility. 

The new tip shape in combination with the four, strongly accentuated channels in the underbody provide extremely reliable guidance and thus ensures an absolutely precise take-off. The special channel layout has a positive effect on the stall at high speed and significantly reduces the wetted area. The middle of the underbody is crossed by a strikingly voluminous keel. It generates a kind of venturi effect on the tips, which increases the board’s speed and, especially when popping, does not let the tail stick to the water. This special keel design contributes significantly to the high level of board control and agility and also cushions landings comfortably. Due to the deep channels and the voluminous center keel of the double concave, a lot of chop is swallowed. 

Individually tailored board sizes 

Each board size has been tuned separately to get the maximum performance out of it. At 134 / 136 / 138 the focus was set on the optimal big air characteristics, at 140 / 142 also on freestyle. Specifically, the differences lie in the course of the outline or the ratio of board width to tip width. The proportionally wider tips in the small sizes favor fat jumps, while the two large Choice 6 feel nice and lively due to their proportionally smaller tips. 

core 5 1200x754 - CORE Pace Pro, Sensor 4 & Choice 6


Find out all the details over at CORE.com

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