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f1 1 - Duotone 2023 JUICE D/LAB

Duotone 2023 JUICE D/LAB

The Duotone Juice D/LAB is the benchmark in light wind kitesurfing. Delivering unrivalled performance on days when you would usually be stuck on the beach.


The Juice D/LAB took the world by storm last year, the most advanced freeride kite on the market. Unrivalled in light wind performance, it enables riders to experience insane feelings in the softest of breezes. This is the kite that can do the impossible.

p3 - Duotone 2023 JUICE D/LAB


The Juice D/LAB flies upwind with ease as the kite pulls further forwards in the window than ever before, helping you to enjoy your sessions and pull big jumps without struggling to hold your ground.

p1 1 - Duotone 2023 JUICE D/LAB


Jumping on the Juice D/LAB delivers otherworldly performance with lots of power to get you airborne; the float and hangtime will blow your mind.

p4 - Duotone 2023 JUICE D/LAB


The apex predator of light wind kites, capable of getting you on the water in conditions that were previously out of reach, experience the unreal.


a1 1 - Duotone 2023 JUICE D/LAB


Find out more at Duotone.com

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