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Flysurfer Indie 1 1200x800 - FLYSURFER INDIE


FLYSURFER introduces a completely new model: the INDIE, a one strut kite offering a perfect balance between lightness and versatility.

Functionality and reliability were prioritized in the development of the INDIE to  efficiently support the individual progress of riders – a goal that has clearly been achieved. Designed for riders of all levels, the INDIE offers unparalleled stability and control in various wind conditions. It encourages beginners to master the art of kitesurfing while providing experienced riders with the opportunity to take their skills to the next level.

“We had one goal in mind with the INDIE – to create the best all-round one strut kite on the market. The INDIE is designed to be a fun companion for all aspects of our sport and excel in light wind performance. Whether it’s jumping on a twin tip, riding in light waves, super low-end sessions on the hydrofoil, or even your very first water starts, the INDIE ticks each of these boxes. The entire FLYSURFER R&D department contributed their expertise to this kite, delivering one of the most well-rounded one strut kites out there!” (Luke Mcgillewie, FLYSURFER R&D department).

2024 Flysurfer INDIE ©MiriamJoanna DSC00061 - FLYSURFER INDIE

The INDIE impresses with its outstanding handling, high maneuverability, and reliable pull. Regardless of conditions, this kite safely takes every rider to the water. The constant traction and linear power delivery provide a smooth ride and precise control, which is particularly important for getting the most out of every surfing adventure.

2024 Flysurfer INDIE ©MiriamJoanna DSC09888 - FLYSURFER INDIE

The use of proven materials, such as the durable Dacron leading edge, ensures reliable performance even with intensive use. The lightweight one strut frame with the Free-Flow system provides the ideal air pressure throughout the shape, thereby improving the stability and control of the kite.

2024 Flysurfer INDIE ©MiriamJoanna DSC09702 - FLYSURFER INDIE

The design of the INDIE is compact and balanced, the perfect all-around shape, so to speak. Its low aspect ratio enables high lift profiles and open tips. The kite rolls easily around its axis and provides consistent pull while still being easy to control. Its swept-back shape improves maneuverability and supports relaunch. The kite automatically drifts to the side of the wind window and parks there, giving the rider time to prepare for the next steering input.

In summary, the INDIE kite by FLYSURFER offers an impressive combination of performance, control, and reliability, making it a top choice for kitesurfers of all skill levels. FLYSURFER is convinced that the INDIE represents the most intuitive and cost-effective one strut kite on the market. The INDIE is not just a kite; for FLYSURFER it embodies a symbol of freedom and independence. The perfect travel companion to explore the world and forge one’s own path. INDIE by FLYSURFER, the ticket to an unforgettable INDIE Summer!

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