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FLYSURFER STAGE Netherlands YuscaB byRamonSchoenmaker 12 1200x800 - Flysurfer STAGE twintip

Flysurfer STAGE twintip

Maximize your water time with Flysurfer’s high-performance freerider!

FLYSURFER STAGE Shape - Flysurfer STAGE twintip


The STAGE has a straight heel edge, asymmetrical fin positions, and plenty of surface area to generate the best possible planing and upwind performance. The board is built from a solid wood core and tuned hard. The shape glides on immediately and optimally converts your speed into performance. The double concave contributes to weight reduction and lets you glide with incredible smoothness.
FLYSURFER STAGE SolidFins - Flysurfer STAGE twintip


The fins are aligned along the heelside edge and positioned asymmetrically on the tip. Both SOLID 55mm always remain in the water while riding. They let you ride upwind effortlessly and support its smoothness when the board is ridden flat. To make the STAGE easier to turn and more playful, swap the middle fins to SOLID 45mm.
FLYSURFER STAGE Bottom - Flysurfer STAGE twintip


The double concave adds stiffness to the center of the board but also channels water through the tips, creating more pop. The double concave helps to cushion hard landings as it breaks the water easily, ideal for freestyle and big air.

FLYSURFER STAGE Top - Flysurfer STAGE twintip


The board has a rounded and short toe edge. The ergonomic outline increases comfort and maneuverability when riding on the toe side and gives you a unique carving feeling.
FLYSURFER STAGE Netherlands YuscaB byRamonSchoenmaker 27 1440x754 - Flysurfer STAGE twintip


Find out more at Flysurfer.com

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