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FLYSURFER TRIP2 137 ellie losroques bynbagarov 15 1200x800 - Flysurfer TRIP Splitboard

Flysurfer TRIP Splitboard

Flysurfer release their 2nd edition of the TRIP Splitboard with Ellie Dimitrova

Do you also crave unique experiences? Let yourself go, escape everyday life and kite completely freely together with Ellie through the crystal-clear waters of Venezuela.

Travel carefree with our split board and enjoy total comfort on the way to your dream spot. Lose yourself, enjoy the beauty of nature, and collect unforgettable memories while exploring the world.

FLYSURFER TRIP2 ToollessAssembly - Flysurfer TRIP Splitboard


The TRIP is super easy and quick to assemble. Take one board half, attach the PU connecting piece, and put the other half on top. Use both fastener pins to lock the connection. Take the four FIREFINS and click them onto their mount. Be ready to ride in only a matter of seconds!

FLYSURFER TRIP2 SplitConstruction - Flysurfer TRIP Splitboard


The innovative three-piece construction features a PU connecting piece to join the split board seamlessly. The unique S-shape reduces wear and distributes the load on both board halves equally. These are secured with two rail-to-rail aligned fastener pins. The PU connecting piece can be replaced.

FLYSURFER TRIP2 FirefinSystem - Flysurfer TRIP Splitboard


The FIREFIN is a two-component injection-molded fin system for twin-tip kiteboards. The fins are made from two high-quality materials; a hard, engineering-grade, recyclable thermoplastic body and a marine-grade, durable silicone skirt that is corrosion-resistant and UV stable. They can easily be unmounted without using tools. This simple plug-and-play system ensures you worry-free travel without damaging your gear!

FLYSURFER TRIP2 Shape - Flysurfer TRIP Splitboard


Designed with a full-length wood core made of responsibly grown paulownia wood. The wood guarantees the optimal mix of flex, responsiveness, and dynamic recovery force. The board is strong, light and durable.

FLYSURFER TRIP2 137 ellie losroques bynbagarov 14 1440x754 - Flysurfer TRIP Splitboard

Where is your next TRIP going?

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