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ION Release buckle - ION Safety notice: Release buckle VI

ION Safety notice: Release buckle VI

If you own an ION kite harness with Release buckle VI, please read the announcement below from ION carefully!

Your safety is our utmost priority. Even with the greatest diligence and foresight, technical problems with materials can, unfortunately, not be completely ruled out. Because it cannot be assured beyond doubt that the built quality of some units conform to the expected lifespan, we advice to replace all Release Buckles generation six (VI) before the next use.

The Release buckle connects the harness and the spreader bar. Following a comprehensive quality test program, we have found that some of the buckles deviate from our set standard and can be prone to breakage in high load situations, often going along with extensive use. A broken buckle will result in the harness opening involuntarily posing a considerable safety risk.

Affected are all Release buckles VI. They are identified by two joints and a textile webbing puller. These Release buckles were exclusively mounted on 2020 and 2021 waist and seat harnesses equipped with the C-Bar 2.0 and C-Bar 3.0 Spreaderbar:

• Riot Curv 14 – 2020/21
• Riot CS 20 – 2020
• Riot 9 – 2021
• Apex 8 – 2021
• Apex Curv 13 – 2020/21
• Nova 6 – 2021
• Nova Curv 10 – 2020/21
• Sol Curv 11 – 2020/21
• Sol 7- 2021
• Radar – 2021
• Sonar – 2021
• B2 – 2021

Please get in touch with your local ION dealer. They will exchange the buckle and upgrade it to the newest version free of charge. This is the easiest and fastest option.

Can’t go to a shop? Contact us via [email protected].
Please add a picture of your buckle to the message. We will send you the replacement buckle free of charge.

For more info see here.

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