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f1 - Launch into 2024 with the Duotone Rebel SLS

Launch into 2024 with the Duotone Rebel SLS

Redesigned for 2024, the Rebel SLS, Duotone’s Big Air machine has stepped things up in terms of performance and ease of handling once more. Launch into the new season with the new Rebel SLS. 


With optimised wingtips and refined canopy tension, the new Rebel SLS excels its predecessors in a multitude of aspects. Keeping its shape no matter the wind strength, kiting in difficult and gusty wind conditions is effortless. At the same time, the advanced design offers ample low-end power with excellent drift. It’s the absolute easiest kite to jump in the entire Duotone range, flying intuitively with exceptionally dynamic steering.

Tweaked to deliver even more explosive take-offs and vertical boosts, just hold your edge, redirect the kite and see the world from new heights. Plus, you better get used to staying up in the air longer than ever before, even in light winds. Don’t ask us how we succeeded in packing all this power into a design that also offers instant and absolute depower with total control right at your fingertips at all times, just jump on the Rebel SLS 2024 and experience it for yourself!

p3 - Launch into 2024 with the Duotone Rebel SLS


  • Easiest kite to jump in the entire range
  • Bigger vertical boost
  • Massive hangtime
  • Instant absolute depower
  • Fast and agile
  • Good drift and long hang time


  • Penta TX frame construction
  • Up to 500g lighter than the Rebel
  • Flex Struts for more intuitive handling and dynamic steering
  • Multiple tip-tuning options
p1 - Launch into 2024 with the Duotone Rebel SLS


If you are a freeride and big air fanatic frothing on doing XL jumps and continually striving to better your personal height record and hang time, this is your perfect partner in crime that will take you there and beyond: The one and only Rebel SLS 2024.

p2 1200x754 - Launch into 2024 with the Duotone Rebel SLS

Boost into 2024

Find out more over at DUOTONE.COM

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