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falcon2 1 1200x800 - Lieuwe release the new Falcon Big Air board

Lieuwe release the new Falcon Big Air board

Master kiteboard builders Lieuwe just released their new Big Air boosting machine, the Falcon. And robots helped build it…

falcon1 1 - Lieuwe release the new Falcon Big Air board

LIEUWE® Custom Boards introduces the Falcon – the Big Air Booster

The craftsmen behind the legendary Shotgun, the best-selling kiteboard worldwide, are now launching a completely new, ultra-light premium carbon kiteboard designed for comfort and great control in any condition.

The Falcon is the new weapon of choice for riders that want to boost their Big Air game to the next level, giving them the confidence to go all-in on the water…. and in the air.

LIEUWE Falcon Carbon Comfort keyvisual 1 1 - Lieuwe release the new Falcon Big Air board

Big Air re-engineered

The Falcon is well positioned with features that exceed most premium board brands. With the aim to ‘re-engineer’ Big Air, the team of shapers added the latest robot technology from the super innovative team at CEAD to the process, introducing new innovations and materials treatment to the world of carbon board production.

Carbon and comfort do go together

Known for our comfortable high-performance boards, our shapers set out to develop a comfortable Big Air carbon board, two words that usually don’t really go together. Thanks to a thinner wood core reinforced with precisely placed carbon layers and relatively thin tips that eat chop for breakfast, the right level of medium hard flex was achieved without the drawbacks associated with riding a typical stiff carbon board. Robot-crafted insert tracks allow riders to set the perfect stance with pinpoint precision and are never-to-move-again thanks to an all-new in house developed automatic locking system. Thanks to the new spacing options, the new tracks work perfectly with the LIEUWE® Pro Pads, or any preferred binding on the market.


The Falcon is 500 grams lighter than our already super light Shotgun, weighing in at 2.15kg for the 137×40.5 size. This translates into higher jumps and easier turns and tricks like board-offs. Many test drivers have already confirmed that they learned many new tricks in a short time with the Falcon.

Learn more about this Big Air booster on our website, or ride the Falcon at a test center near you.

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