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f1 - More Stretch with ION's MAX_FLEX

More Stretch with ION’s MAX_FLEX

MAX_FLEX outside lining makes for the stretchiest wetsuits ION has ever made

p1 - More Stretch with ION's MAX_FLEX
a2 - More Stretch with ION's MAX_FLEX


It is time to break free from the status quo. If like us, you believe mobility is crucial for your performance on the water, you’ll love where we took the 2023 wetsuit range.

When it comes to product development, we do not make compromises. ION wetsuits are known for featuring only the most sophisticated technologies. A smart mix of materials and features across all wetsuit levels allows matching every need.

This year’s wetsuit range receives yet another major upgrade. After introducing Max_Flex in the previous season, the outside lining is now, literally, extended to more areas and styles.

a1 - More Stretch with ION's MAX_FLEX


The stretchiest wetsuits allow for the most radical movements. Whether it be board-offs or grabbing the rail, feel the freedom in your moves out there.

a3 - More Stretch with ION's MAX_FLEX


Wearing comfort before, during and after a session is notably improved. More stretch results in a seamless wearing experience.

a4 - More Stretch with ION's MAX_FLEX


Max_Flex is the state-of-the-art outside lining. The material is created in a weaving process. Its three-dimensional mesh is characterized by a rhombus structure. The innovative technology offers 30% more stretch with the same power applied.

p2 - More Stretch with ION's MAX_FLEX


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