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mystic1 - MYSTIC Majestic X Harness

MYSTIC Majestic X Harness

The Mystic Majestic X 2024- Crafted for those who demand nothing but the best.

mystic7 - MYSTIC Majestic X Harness

The new generation of our beloved Majestic X harness has a sleek silhouette, reinforced by a Bionic Core Frame, and a thinner Battle Belt. Every detail, from intuitive Flexcovers to an integrated safety knife pocket, maximizes your session potential.

Experience unparalleled performance and comfort with the Majestic X. This harness offers a sleek and streamlined silhouette, enhanced by a carbon composite plate, Bionic Core frame, and a thinner Battle Belt. Everything clicks into place intuitively with the Majestic X, which is equipped with Flexcovers with a new locking mechanism and an integrated safety knife side pocket. Get ready to push your limits while benefiting from optimal support. The stiffness of the Bionic Core Frame makes this carbon harness perfect for riders that like riding overpowered.

Power, Performance, Progression.

Find out more over at MYSTIC.com

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