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f1 1 - Naish Nvision Twintips

Naish Nvision Twintips

Naish introduce their brand new Nvision twintips, the Motion Nvision and Alana Nvision. Your new favourite vessel has arrived…

p1 2 - Naish Nvision Twintips


The ultimate all-around twintip, offering cutting-edge technology for unparalleled performance while remaining lightweight. The 3K Carbon Construction and a hybrid Foam/Wood core construction make this board incredibly lightweight and responsive. The go-to for freeriders looking to elevate their riding to new heights.


SIZES: 134 | 138 | 142

p2 2 - Naish Nvision Twintips


The Alana Nvision caters to female and smaller riders who want to take their shredding abilities to the next level. The 3K carbon construction perfectly balances strength and weight.

The shape of the Alana Nvision is narrow, allowing it to hold down a ton of power for any rider.


SIZES: 132 | 136

a1 1200x754 - Naish Nvision Twintips

The ultimate vessel awaits

Find out more over at Naish.com

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