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Robbie Naish by Franck Berthuot  - Naish Triad and Fish

Naish Triad and Fish

Naish introduce their latest Triad kite and all-new Fish surfboard.


The Triad is for riders who want an easy-to-use, stable, predictable kite with a huge wind range that will perform well on any board you choose to ride. Its impressive wind range has been enhanced with the Synergy Bridle System, a quick and easy bridal adjustment system that gives riders the freedom to switch between twintip and directional surfboard riding modes. The smooth transition into its squared-off wingtips has been redesigned to increase drift down the line, making it an absolute dream for wave riders.

Get ready to transform your riding with the new Triad!


The Fish surfboard is an exceptional addition to the lineup, designed to provide a distinctive riding experience. With its unique style, this board is perfect for those who prefer to ride waves with less power from the kite and more from the wave.

The Fish is designed to be ridden with or without a kite. Making it a perfect “1 board quiver” for when the wind is down and the waves are up.

SIZES: 5’2″ | 5’5″

Naish Fish - Naish Triad and Fish

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