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unnamed - New Lift, New Rules- AIRUSH

New Lift, New Rules- AIRUSH

Forget the days of having to choose between height and handling. The new Lift is the next generation of big air versatility. The Airush team set out to deliver a kite that is so precise and responsive that you will feel like it reads your mind…

There is no compromise...

Performance freeride & big air machine. Explosive power, smooth kiteloops, massive lift & hangtime. Stable airframe for high wind control.

p1 2 - New Lift, New Rules- AIRUSH

The key consideration when designing the new Lift was to redefine the capabilities of a kite to provide maximum boost, precise steering and absolute stability.

Driving the development and testing was Jason van Der Spuy, a key new addition to the Airush Big Air team, where he worked closely with legendary kite designer Mark Pattison.

According to Jason “I knew exactly what I wanted for a future Big Air Kite, as the discipline has become more diverse. I needed to be able to go huge, but due to some of the more critical new moves, I needed absolute precision and intuitiveness. Working with Airush was amazing, Mark and the team around him would rework every size, every bridle, and detail till we got it perfect.”

p2 2 - New Lift, New Rules- AIRUSH

New design, developed with our big air team. Intuitive loop and climb performance. Five struts for stability in extreme conditions. New and Improved bridle for enhanced steering response.

Available sizes:   7,   8,   9,   10,   12,   14m


unnamed 2 - New Lift, New Rules- AIRUSH

New LIFT means...

New Rules. Find out more at AIRUSH.com

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