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51 NORTH24 CAPET BA MILES TAYLOR 03140 - North launches 2024 Big Air Collection

North launches 2024 Big Air Collection

North Kiteboarding just released their Big Air 2024 collection, with more products and videos landing in the coming days. Here’s what we know…

The North 2024 Big Air Collection launch celebrates the complex interplay of wind, water and land that creates the extreme conditions Big Air riders live for. These conditions bring treacherous winter storms and spring gales, winds of 100mph and enormous waves to the southwestern tip of the African continent.

Where warm meets cold, where two oceans collide, where courage is called for.

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North has evolved the Orbit Big Air kite, Atmos Pro TwinTip and Flex Bindings to continue pushing the extreme limits of Big Air riding. The 2024 Orbit has been thoroughly put through its paces by North Kiteboarding Test Manager, Marc Jacobs (2021 Red Bull King of the Air winner), and proven at Hood River, by Dutch teamrider Cohan van Dijk, who won the recent Big Air Kite League US showdown with an impressive array of extreme unhooked passes and jumps in 30+ knots.

This user-friendly, podium-proven Big Air Kite features the highest-performance Dacron airframe for uncompromised strength and durability.

“The North Orbit is everything in its class. There’s something in that shape and bridle setup…”
– Colin Colin Carroll.

Here’s what’s in the new collection…

15 NORTH24 CAPET BA ANDY TROY 0373 - North launches 2024 Big Air Collection

ORBIT 2024

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 m

Predictable in the unpredictable

Quick, intuitive and more responsive in all conditions. Bigger overpowered airs and megaloops.

For 2024 we’ve smoothed out the shape of the LE, introducing a segmented curve arc for reduced drag and faster turning speed. Changes to the wingtip inspired a fully reworked bridle and attachment point positioning, for the most stable Orbit yet. The kite feels even more reliable and forgiving in overpowered, gusty conditions yet retains its ability to fly forward and catch you in kite loops. Now riders of all abilities can experience the best of both worlds, without worrying about your kite’s position in the sky. A slightly deeper profile in the centre creates more lift and we’ve dropped the heavier dacron panels for improved aerodynamic airflow. In the smaller sizes, we’ve lowered the aspect ratio slightly and refined profiles for improved hangtime and a faster, tighter turning radius for the doubles and S-loops.

“The Orbit is the most versatile and well-balanced kite on the market for height, hangtime, and loops.”
– Marc Jacobs.

ORBIT 2024
49 NORTH24 CAPET BA MILES TAYLOR 02652 - North launches 2024 Big Air Collection


136x40cm, 138x41cm, 141x42cm, 144x43cm

Gravity, we defy you.

Our premier high-performance freeride board for mega-boosting, looping, rapid response and explosive pop, the new Atmos Pro has a refined carbon laminate layup for more controlled performance in overpowered conditions.

“A second pair of feet, that’s what I need. The Atmos pro allows me to run over the water, jump over waves and edge up to the sky.”
– Cohan Van Dijk

50 NORTH24 CAPET BA MILES TAYLOR 02981 - North launches 2024 Big Air Collection



Minimalist ergonomic comfort

At North, we understand comfort is critical to performance. That’s why we’ve dedicated over two years to refining our best-value lightweight binding, ensuring a balance of simplicity and support with a single fastening strap and anatomically cushioned footbed. Less is more. We’ve identified exactly what you need and removed what you don’t, crafting every detail with fine precision.

“The comfort and control is next level, I feel one with my board.”
– Graham Howes


Defying gravity. Putting your body on the line. Embracing risk. Even the courageous feel fear- it teaches us what is most important to us and what we value most. Big Air 2024. Courage is calling.

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