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Process Twintips from Eleveight

Eleveight have just released their new range of twintips: Process


The PROCESS delivers the ultimate performance for endless freeride possibilities.

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Process V7

Delivering advanced performance year after year, the Process is our top-selling freeride board with unique features that spark its popularity. Shaped with the latest high-tech materials, it provides grip in strong gusts, early planing in light winds, and cushions the most vicious chop, making all conditions fun.


52563097985 00ba0a905d c 2 - Process Twintips from Eleveight

Process C+ V4

The Process C+ is a highly advanced full carbon big brother to the Process. It’s packed with the latest performance enhancements for freeriders looking for a premium ultra-dynamic board.

Find out more over at eleveightkites.com

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