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Reedin Collection4 - Reedin Kite Collection 4

Reedin Kite Collection 4

Featuring the Supermodel HTF kite and the KevPro, Super E and SpaceAgency twintips. Here’s the full brief from Reedin

We’ve continued our dedication to make the best do-it-all kite in the skies. Keeping it as easy and versatile as possible, and staying true to what our riders know and love about SuperModel. Thanks to our brand new Hybrid Torsion Frame, we’ve made it faster, lighter, and more responsive, without sacrificing any stability or durability. We’ve taken its performance to the next level.

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Our twintips are designed and built to perform in real-world conditions, and offer a great amount of grip, pop, and comfort.

KevPro is completely tuned to the way that Kevin links to ride, which is super fast and fully powered. We have added a carbon stringer to the bottom of the deck, making it more responsive and snappier under your feet. Combined with the new double-swallow tips, you’re guaranteed to reach new heights.

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The goal with Super E was to have similar performance to KevPro, tuned to the speed that the majority of kiteboarders ride at. This results in an easy-to-ride board with a playful response that’s very comfortable in all conditions. Newly added double-swallow tips make it easier to hold the rail and push it down when loading up for jumps.

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Completely new in our lineup…

SpaceAgency is an ultralight twintip, with a snappy and lively response that only a carbon board can give you. It’s the result of putting 20 years of experience in kitesurfing and product design together, to create something without any limitations or compromises in materials and technology.

Built with no compromise Space Exploration Technology, our triple carbon construction features three different types of carbon fiber to provide an absolutely perfect flex pattern. The core is as sleek as possible, shedding all unnecessary weight, with a carbon construction guaranteed for a dynamic, lively, and snappy ride.

SpaceAgency is for anyone who wants the lightest board possible, with precise control, grip, and response. It has been designed to perform at the highest level in any conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an ambitious beginner, this is your most exciting way to progress.

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For the full line-up visit Reedin.com

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