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DJI 0966 1 1200x800 - RRD Passion

RRD Passion

Here is everything you need to know about the new RRD Passion – the kite guaranteed to impress both beginners to experts!

DJI 0858 - RRD Passion

The search for the perfect everyday kite is over with the new Passion Y28. The 14th version of this renowned high-performance kite delivers superior handling guaranteed to impress both new kiters and experts. The responsive steering and superior drift make this kite ideal for an array of disciplines, including freestyle, freeride, and the big boosting ability and ease of use make the Passion your go-to for Big Air.

Constructed out of lightweight top of the line Techno Force™ Double Ripstop, the Passion Y28 strikes a balance between durability and strength. Our proprietary Diamond Grid Technology pattern offers unparalleled rigidity by evenly distributing the load across the kite, giving you a predictable and unbelievably fast kite.

The three-strut design with increased strut diameter reduces luffing while increasing overall stability and rigidity. This translates into reliable feedback from the kite so you know exactly where it is without looking at it. Square wingtips create unmatched relaunching capacity, even in the lightest wind. The massive wind range of this kite means a safe amount of power on the top end and no stalling on the low end.

Whatever the conditions and wherever you are riding: the Passion is a kite that will work for you.

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