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stuff 52 copy 1200x800 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

Stuff We Like The Look Of!

core xr8 black cutout 2000 copy - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

1 // CORE XR8

The XR is a benchmark booster, taking riders like Angely Bouillot to the podium and chalking up the WOO records. V8 now has stiffer, stronger Dacron material and revisions to its airframe, including a smaller leading edge diameter, to improve its performance and turning speed. It is also lighter for increased agility, looping speed and recovery, and has more stability in high winds.

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Eleveight WS Black - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

2 // Eleveight WS V7

Promising superfast turns and ease of handling, the new WS is nimble yet stable, and will perform across disciplines from wave riding to foiling. Watch it drift naturally, absorb gusts and turn on a dime without the need for force, providing the right amount of power, right when you need it. V7 of the WS is now lighter thanks to the use of Eleveight’s specialized XT light fabric which further enhance the kite’s drift capabilities.

Cabrinha Ace Wood - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

3 // Cabrinha Ace Wood 03

The all-new 03 Ace is the culmination of three years of design work from the Cab Design Works team. It’s been stripped back and rebuilt with a completely new outline and bottom contouring. The Ace’s vertically laminated Paulownia wood reduces weight and allows a true flex giving you complete confidence to try anything. Whatever conditions the day throws your way the Ace’s versatility will lead to progression in all areas of your riding…

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Dakine Pyro copy - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

4 // Dakine Pyro

The Dakine Pyro waist harness builds on Dakine’s long windsurf and kite harness history to offer a fuller profile design. Its adaptive fit hardshell back panel offers a responsive feel with a fit that conforms to your body’s shape. A featherweight foam-molded interior with memory foam pressure point relief zones helps keep you on the water longer. It’s packed with Dakine tech for a responsive fit.

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Levitaz exo pocket 2 top copy - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

5 // Levitaz Exo Pocket 2

This new version is sustainably produced in Portugal in a 100% carbon fiber construction that makes this board stiff, strong and lightweight. It is made with a 50K foam core which is closed cell, so the core won’t take on water or blow out when it gets hot. The foil mount has had extra care and attention with a CNC-cut PET honeycomb panel which is also laminated in carbon through a unique vacuum technique that guarantees no delamination. This is premium foiling.

Lift v3 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

6 // Airush Lift

If you fancy yourself as a pro rider and want to go massive, you should give the Lift a try. With explosive power, smooth kiteloops, massive lift and hangtime, it is good for the everyday rider too. Now with a new and improved bridle, it has been tweaked to be even more solid in high winds and is also more versatile to allow you to work on a bigger variety of moves.

Duotone JUICE D LAB - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

7 // Duotone Juice D/Lab

The Juice D/Lab was a hit when it came out, as Duotone’s first kite to use the ultra-strong, tear and stretch resistant ALUULA Gold for the inflated part of the kite. Still one of the lightest lightwind kites on the market, it enables awesome kiting in the softest of breezes getting you out on the water in conditions you thought were out of reach. For this latest edition, construction has been fine-tuned for even further weight reduction with new bigger sizes added.

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RRD Bliss LTE Deck - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

8 // RRD Bliss LTE

This progressive freeride and freestyle twintip, built in Europe, provides a secure feeling for riding in an assortment of conditions. It has a balanced combination of crisp responsiveness and forgiving flex to deliver a great freeride feel of stability and playfulness, and will truly shine when pushed into the freestyle realm thanks to the harder flex of the LTE version. The bottom channels, thin rails and straight outline also result in outstanding upwind ability.

Prolimit Addict - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

9 // Prolimit Addict

Prolimit’s newest hardshell harness in PURE™ 2.0 construction, the Addict builds on their top-notch Alpha Harness, but with slightly more elasticity due to the light, strong and sustainable PURE™ materials. Sitting between the Alpha Carbon and Vapor PURE™, the Addict combines a stiff hardshell with a full neoprene inner, comfy Flex gen foam, and comes with the Alpha bar in electroplated titanium finish and innovative slide-in barpad for a comfortable ride.

ION Surf Sock 1 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

10 // ION Surf Sock

If you’re a wave rider you need one of these in your life to avoid getting wax on your car and keep the sun off your board when storing it after your session. Ideal for day trips or a little extra protection when traveling with a board bag, the Surf Sock comes with reinforcements on the nose and the stretchy material adapts to fit your stick in, whatever its shape.

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ss code v1 blue 5 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

11 // Slingshot Code V1

The Code V1 is built on a three-strut platform with a hybrid open C shape. It has intuitive handling, a broad wind range, incredible bar feel and easy relaunch, making it Slingshot’s most versatile kite in their line-up and a team favorite. It could help take your riding to the next level, maybe you’ll even end up on the podium with it alongside Jeremy Burlando.

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FLYSURFER TRIP2 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

12 // Flysurfer TRIP

This split board fits comfortably in typical suitcases or along with two kites in the included bag, then is quick and easy to assemble when you reach your destination, with the PU connecting piece joining the board seamlessly. This second edition, all-around performance twintip is fun and playful to ride, and has been designed in conjunction with team rider Ellie Dimitrova who took it to the dream destination of Los Roques to give it the final sign off…

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Naish Hero Deck copy 2 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

13 // Naish Hero

The perfect board to take you from zero to Hero! With performance at the forefront of design for this beginner-friendly board, the Hero features a wider shape that makes it a great lightwind, stable board. The Hero’s ample flex and rocker allow for a smooth ride through chop and smooth landings while learning to jump. The Hero is a user-friendly board loved by riders of all levels, and is your ultimate tool to maximize your progression.

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Brunotti Gravity - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

14 // Brunotti Gravity 02

Paying tribute to Brunotti’s rich heritage, the brand-new Gravity 02 is packed in a colorful retro design, taking you back to where it all began in ‘79, but giving you the same secure and comfortable fit that you’re used to.

Armstrong stabilizer copy - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

15 // Armstrong MA625 and Dart 140

The new MA625 foil, Dart 140 stabilizer and Performance 1035mm mast offer an ideal freeride kitefoiling combo with Armstrong’s signature butter-smooth ride feel. The MA625 offers a broad speed range and excellent maneuverability, and the Dart 140 adds lightning fast reactivity for maximum zip. Like all sizes in the hi-mod carbon Performance mast range, the 1035 is ultra stiff and slippery through the water thanks to its America’s Cup foil design DNA.

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