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Stuff We Like The Look Of!

Here is a list of things we like the look from from issue #48.

TKM Stuff 48 Naish Triad copy - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

1 // Naish Triad

Built to suit any rider’s needs, the three-strut Triad is an intuitive, predictable, forgiving and stable kite with true sheet-in-and-go power. It offers insane drift and control in any size surf, its center luff strut allows you to easily fly it while overpowered, and its durable Quad-Tex ripstop material means a lighter and more responsive kite. If you are searching for a kite that does it all, the Triad is that kite…

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TKM Stuff 48 Cabrinha Ace Hybrid bottom copy 2 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

2 // Cabrinha Ace Hybrid

The Ace Hybrid is a do-it-all performer, combining state-of-the-art construction techniques and premium materials in an incredibly fun, performance freeride shape. Multiple unidirectional carbon strips stiffen the flex pattern for increased response and explosive pop. This ultra-lightweight responsive board has a lively feel underfoot and is as close as you get to a guarantee for improving your riding.

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TKM Stuff 48 F ONE ESCAPE CARBON 1 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

3 // F-ONE Escape HM Carbon 

Designed to foil at high speeds with full control and incredible performance no matter the conditions, the ESCAPE HM CARBON foil in 530 or 630cm is a masterpiece of hydrodynamic refinement and composite craftsmanship. It will provide the most exhilarating ride in light or strong winds, and is a playful, nimble hydrofoil that delivers an amazing glide. Time to get in training for the 2024 Olympics…

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TKM Stuff 48 North Navigator - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

4 // North Navigator Control System 

A hit with our test team, the Navigator allows you to switch effortlessly between disciplines, no tools required. It connects you intuitively to your kite, using industry-leading Dyneema lines for precise performance, and meets ISO Standard for faster, safer release and intuitive single-action reload in all conditions. Its refined ergonomic design offers durability, comfort and tactile control, letting you navigate your way up the progression ladder…

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TKM Stuff 48 Mystic Majestic 1 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

5 // Mystic Majestic

If you’re into wave riding or freestyle, the Majestic hardshell waist harness could be the one for you. It has the same Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic X, but with a Roving glass fiber plate which provides a bigger freedom of movement. With soft neoprene edges, Knitflex and Fix foam, it has all you need to kite comfortably and in control even in the most extreme conditions…

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TKM Stuff 48 Eleveight XS - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

6 // Eleveight XS V3

Smashing boundaries for height and hangtime, this delta hybrid five-strut kite delivers raw power to the most extreme radical moves, while the increased angle of attack balances the power with ease of handling. Now with a pulley-less bridle and new wingtip shape for more responsiveness, direct turning and bar feedback, the XS is the weapon of choice for adrenaline junkies wanting to hit full send…

TKM Stuff 48 RRD Crank - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

7 // RRD Crank Tandem

The Crank Tandem was developed specifically for schools and beginners to maximize their riding potential and shorten the learning curve. Bring a friend and share the experience of kiting with those who want to taste the thrill! With its abundance of surface area, the Crank Tandem provides first time riders with early planing and loads of stability, and the forgiving, wide outline smooths out those shaky starts.

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TKM Stuff 48 Appletree Appleflap Noseless 2 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

8 // Appletree Appleflap Noseless

The Appleflap Noseless is a directional wave board designed for control when you need it most. If high wind and big waves is your playground, then it could be your perfect partner, thanks to its narrow tail, pinched rails, and decent amount of rocker to prevent nosediving when flying down a wave. The shorter length and lighter weight make it easier for lugging about too…

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TKM Stuff 48 Duotone Click bar 1 1 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

9 // Duotone Click Bar

The game-changing Click Bar revolutionized how we control our kites and took things to a completely new level with its FLITE99 lines by Robline. Its unique Trim Unit enables you to power and depower in precise steps at the flick of a switch. The Click Bar is equipped with the Iron Heart V, ensuring a quick and reliable safety release, and there are four different chicken loop options for maximum performance and customization.

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TKM Stuff 48 ION Riot 1 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

10 // ION Riot Curv Team Series

The Riot Curv Team Series is the most rigid harness in ION’s range (flex index 18) and offers a direct and super connected feeling. An ultra-lightweight Curv construction distributes forces evenly throughout the harness, while at the same time, it’s flexible enough to allow for perfect freedom of movement. And you’ll find your perfect fit thanks to intermediate sizes and the exchangeable Ergo Pad.

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TKM Stuff 48 Flysurfer STOKE - Stuff We Like The Look Of!


Treat yourself to a sporty performance with a super light, highly reactive kite that will ignite your motivation with unmatched versatility and a broad wind range. The new STOKE has had Luke McGillewie’s magic touch, and has been completely redesigned and tried and tested in everything that Cape Town has to throw at you… 

TKM Stuff 48 OR Crave HL - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

12 // Ocean Rodeo Crave HL

Whether you’re wave-riding and want a kite that will turn on a dime and keep you in the pocket, or for committed sending, predictable performance and smooth power on tap, the Crave could be the kite for you. Its nimble, three-strut design has been lightened up yet further for maximum performance and versatility.

TKM Stuff 48 Slingshot Sentry 2 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

13 // Slingshot Sentry

The Sentry V1.1 has an all-new quick release system that is ISO certified, ensuring the quickest and most dependable safety release. Its click-in functionality is quick, safe and easy to reload, and meets intuitive, auto-swivel, line untwisting in this state-of-the-art control bar, plus the new PU-coated center lines allow for smooth, effortless bar travel with added durability. 

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TKM Stuff 48 CrazyFLy F Lite 2 - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

14 // CrazyFly F-Lite

If you already know how to foil you will appreciate this foil board’s small size, low weight and dynamic transfers of energy into the foil. It is a feather-light, full carbon, ultra-small low volume and high performance, easy-to-ride board suitable for intermediate to advanced foilers. Plus with a full diamond grip deck footpad and concave deck you’ll lay down your fancy footwork with ease!

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TKM Stuff 48 Ride Engine ELITE 1 copy - Stuff We Like The Look Of!

15 // Ride Engine Elite

A hit with our test team, this benchmark in carbon-fiber hardshell harnesses now has 25% less weight. Ride Engine have rethought every component and intelligently pulled weight by using thinner, leaner materials whenever possible, all without sacrificing durability and performance. Fusion Memory Foam, Shell Skin technology, and Lumbar Lock shaping provide the ultimate in connection and support.

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