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Tell me about it: CORE CHOICE 5

We asked CORE about the recently released fifth version of their popular CHOICE twintip and how it has been updated with some innovative tech from the ski industry…

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Who is your target audience for this board, and how has it evolved over the years?

Like its predecessors, the CHOICE 5 has an extremely wide range of use. Exciting agility and pop performance is crucial for ambitious freestylers in both straps and boots. Besides that, it still delivers a very smooth ride with sporty characteristics that even beginners and intermediates are guaranteed to make great progress with. We have tried to maintain that throughout the last years’ models, but have now improved the overall performance thanks to the persistent work of our R&D team and the technical evolutions in terms of new construction possibilities.

You’ve evolved the board by borrowing some exciting technology from the ski industry. Please elaborate…     

The top and bottom CARTAN Carbon layer was previously joined by an ABS edge strip. On the new CHOICE 5 we use a laminated 80-layer, resin-activated strip that is much harder, stiffer and better bonded. This is an industry first and massively improves the connection between the top and bottom carbon layer for a true unibody build. The effects can be felt in better torsional rigidity and also in the extra stored and released energy.

You’ve also managed to reduce the weight of this version. How so?

The core of the board is made of Paulownia wood, which is a very light wood by nature, but as with most natural resources, comes with a variation in density and volumetric weight. We      pre-select the lowest weight strains before they get glued together and that additional step in production leads to a weight reduction of up to 250g.

Which fin set comes with the CHOICE, and why?

The CHOICE 5 comes with our 42mm G10 pro fins. They deliver a perfect balance between resistance when you need it and the looseness that riders need in a freestyle board. For those who look for an even looser feel, we offer 28mm wakestyle fins. All Big Air fanatics need the most guidance and grip, for which we recommend the 48mm versions.

You said the CHOICE can be used with wake boots, right?

100%. We use stainless steel V4A inserts on a reinforced base plate deep within the board to ensure the strongest hold when riding with boots. For both boots and straps there are three different stance options to choose from.

You’ve added the option of a Revo handle. How can this benefit the rider?

The Revo is a truly innovative feature that can change the rocker of the board with just a quick turn of the handle. When activated, pressure is applied on both handle inserts, flattening the board’s rocker by up to 15mm and reducing its flex. This leads to a significant increase in how quickly the board reaches planing speed and improves upwind performance. When you want the board’s original character back, simply untwist the Revo which re-sets the rocker and flex.

What did your team riders have to say about the changes?

For our most experienced riders who try to squeeze out the utmost performance in every session, every gram counts. That’s why the significant weight reduction of up to 250 grams is probably the change that they appreciated most, as the board has become more playful and easier to rotate or flip.

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