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TELL ME ABOUT IT: Gin Kiteboarding Shaman 3.1

Are you considering a snowkite holiday this year? If so the updated Shaman 3.1, with new advanced fabric, is just the ticket for getting you up those hills. And you won’t even have to buy a lift ticket.

What kite discipline is the Shaman 3.1 designed for?

Snowkite season is just around the corner, and we are eagerly awaiting the stunning views and rides through deep, untouched powder in wild mountain surroundings. With such sentiments in mind, we strived to make the Shaman 3.1 a pioneer in the evolution of snowkiting technology. The Shaman is the ideal kite for mountain riders looking to go snowkiting without a hitch. With the possible upcoming challenges regarding our winter sports practice, we feel that snowkiting will be a sustainable way of enjoying the mountain without restraint. To this extent, the Shaman 3.1 was specifically made to efficiently power you uphill, in order for you to enjoy the best possible downhill line with the kite tightly packed in your backpack. The Shaman 3.1 is especially characterized by its water-repellent and very resistant fabric that will allow any rider to go uphill or kite on a flat snowy surface, without using a ski lift. Even the most adventurous mountaineers will appreciate it and make the most of its reinforced construction and innovative material.

Tell us more about this new material.

We decided to use new advanced fabric to update our Shaman 3.1. Our choice naturally fell on the Dominico 30DFM fabric, which has proven itself to be stronger, more durable, and water-repellent. In the practice of snowkiting specifically, it is well-known that kites are exposed to harsh winter conditions such as cold, frozen and uneven ground with possible rocks. Upgrading the fabric had become a priority, based on the way the Shaman was intended to be used.

Other than the fabric, what design elements make the Shaman excel for snowkiting?

The Shaman series is equipped with a five-line safety system, which connects to the B-level at the center of the kite. By pulling the fifth line on the bar, the kite will depower, reducing its wingspan and gently collapsing to the ground, ready for relaunch or packing. Furthermore, the Shaman will hold up in very little wind due to its lightweight single-skin construction. By nature, the kite tends to position itself at the zenith on its own. Such types of kites require less piloting than regular kites and are safer during takeoff, making them ideal for beginners. Adventures in the mountains are becoming safer, easier, and more enjoyable than ever before and the Shaman is a perfect example of this.

How well does it transfer over into use on the water? Are other kites in your range better suited to water use?

For an optimal use of the Shaman’s full capacities, water is not its specific intended use. It is most suitable for skiing, snowboarding and mountainboarding, regardless of the terrain and snow conditions. However, the Spirit and the Instinct HB – our most popular closed-cell kites – do wonders on water as well as on snow. As a matter of fact, our top riders use those very kites for snowkite competitions. With plenty of power to cruise on snow, the Spirit is one of the easiest closed-cell kites to use. It is sporty, agile and very dynamic. The Instinct HB allows Eloi Rondeau to do crazy Big Air moves with amazing hangtime, or just to race on snow.

Talking of competition, with less than two years until the Olympics, are things hotting up at Gin in terms of race equipment?

Our Boom V2 is still smashing the race disciplines, especially when it is in the hands of our athlete Benoît Gomez. As a matter of fact, after pulling off first place at the World Sailing Ranking, Benoît Gomez just won the Engie Kite Tour in Cannes with four bullet runs in four races. His recent results make the future look bright over at Gin Kiteboarding!

Since the Boom V2 has already been registered as is for the 2024 Olympic Games, it cannot be adjusted nor upgraded. Nevertheless, Hans Bollinger is already working hard on the future Boom V3 with amazing ideas already emerging. Meanwhile, he is also working very closely with the SP80 Team to break the world speed record on water without an engine. The challenge difficulty keeps increasing for Hans, but he doesn’t ever back down from anything and always delivers way higher than anyone’s expectations!

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