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Vapor Loukapitot Pic by FrankieBees 3 1200x800 - Tell Me About it: PROLIMIT ALPHA AND VAPOR


Prolimit have been hard at work on some new harness constructions. We spoke to Designer Warren Jeffree about the latest releases in their range, the Alpha and Vapor, plus their new spreader bar.

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How do the Alpha and Vapor fit with the rest of the Prolimit harness range?

We now have three different constructions in our range: the hardshell carbon composite construction, the hardshell pure construction and the softshell construction. The hardshell constructions are new in our range. The Alpha is our premium product with a selection of top end materials. The Vapor is right next to it and gives the rider confidence to push themselves to the max. Both are in a similar bracket of exterior shells, Alpha being the hardshell carbon composite construction and the Vapor that we call the hardshell pure construction with a bit more elasticity. We then have more of the traditional style softshell harnesses. Our range is one of the biggest out there and there is a reason for that. We pride ourselves in catering for all riders and their needs. Prolimit offers diversity for every shape and function you desire. Not one model in our range is the same; the choice is yours to choose a harness that fits you best. Entry level to top end, we have you covered.

What style of riding will the Alpha suit?

We don’t like limiting ourselves with the Alpha harness… it’s a good harness for any style of riding. Based purely on the lower outline shape, we have found freestyle and Big Air riders really like the shape. The Alpha is the pinnacle for Prolimit and has had many engineering hours put into the final product. The rider that appreciates high-end products will appreciate the overall quality and engineering that went into the product. 

Can you talk us through its construction and material choices?

For the Alpha the carbon composite materials are used, which means that the torsion and horizontal flex are minimized. The Alpha is our stiffest harness with the most support in a lower profile. Carbon is well known for its light, strong and stiff characteristics. The hardshell connects directly with the straps transferring the load of the harness, in exactly the same way as we designed our harnesses for decades and now the shell is exposed on the outside.

Are you planning on making a female-specific version?

There are plans to make a female option of the hardshell carbon composite construction. Our design team are hard at work developing dedicated female products, although the Alpha sits in the middle and is not specific to gender and the shape was taken into account for both male and female riders. As for the new hardshell pure construction, we’ve created a harness specifically for women: the Vapor PureGirl.

How does the newly engineered Vapor differ from the Alpha?

You will notice the outline has changed for the new Vapor and is the same as the Alpha. You will also notice the two differ completely in flex patterns. Overall, the Alpha is stiffer in general and the Vapor carries a lot more flex. The PURE material works super well for this application. 

Tell us more about the PURE material used in the Vapor, and how it is utilized.

We use PURE TM material that is non-toxic, lighter than water and 100% recyclable. PURE is a top-of-the-range, 100% polypropylene, self-reinforced composite material. It is non-resin based and is a unique yet durable, low weight and tough thermoplastic composite. PURE is thermo-formable under heat in press form processes. Furthermore, it does not splinter and has unique properties making it an excellent material for the Vapor harnesses. PURE is patented and a trademark-protected material and its durability and elasticity are perfectly suited for harnesses. PURE is also very strong at even low temperatures – for snow kiting for example – and is a material with ballistic properties. 

Tell us about your new spreader bar for the new Alpha and Vapor models. 

The inspiration for the bar stemmed from the inside of a bone and the strength it carries for being hollow. There is a fine line where taking material out of a product increases the overall strength. The Alpha spreader bar has a new lever system to close and lock it, eliminating any chance of the bar releasing under load. The bar is fiber-filled Nylon material which gives it incredible strength. Behind that is an electroplated titanium-coated spine which gives it the added strength. The Alpha spreader bar has a similar process to the stainless bars which is a coating. We pushed the idea with the help of the factory and suppliers. We had a vision and accomplished the end result. Like anything electroplated it has to be done in a clinical environment and thoroughly cleaned. The overall process gives the bar a super high anti-corrosive layer. This process is well known for its durability in other industries as well; high-end mountain bike parts also feature this titanium electroplated coating. The 7mm rod we use for the hook itself is stronger than what is usual in our industry giving a 14% stronger hook – a proven technology now available in our industry.

Check out the price of the Alpha and Vapor here.

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