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Neo D LAB 2023 Duotone Kiteboarding Website Pics Size copy - The new Neo D Lab

The new Neo D Lab

Check out the new Neo D Lab from Duotone!

neo - The new Neo D Lab


Being the absolute pinnacle of design and featuring state-of-the-art lightweight materials, there is no other wave kite that comes even close to the 2023 Neo D/LAB. With the Aluula fabric from last year’s model being updated and its new Hybrid Flex Strut design, the unbelievable low end of the brand-new model is out of this world.

Having the most dynamic and intuitive handling you’ll have ever experienced and given its unreal drifting capabilities this kite will truly blow your mind. Plus, the kite feels like an extension of your body on the wave and you’ll be rocking down the line whilst others are still watching from the beach. There is even a setting on the kite for strapless freestyle, offering you plenty of extra airtime for some sick jumps and spins. In a few words: The 2023 Neo D/LAB is the ultimate kite for the elite wave rider who settles for nothing but the best.

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Neo D LAB 2023 Duotone Kiteboarding Website Pics Size4 copy - The new Neo D Lab


Find out more listening to the designer notes right here.

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