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Switchblade 1200 x 800 1 - The New Generation Switchblade

The New Generation Switchblade



The NEW Switchblade is now on the market!
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04S Switchblade 002 sm 2 - The New Generation Switchblade

The new  Switchblade

The longest running and most successful kite in the industry is back for it’s 17th year, and what a year it is.

The kite that spawned not only a style of riding but also a whole generation of kiters has evolved into the highest performing Switchblade to date.

Taking the known Switchblade DNA, the creatives in the Design Works team have evolved this 5 strut design through use of new technologies, construction techniques and internal adjustments, to give a more playful, lighter feeling kite, while still remaining predictable and stable.

This Lite Series kite utilizes the HTD Lite materials which make this the lightest Switchblade to date. Combined with the Integrated Structural Canopy (ISC) we have been able to greatly reduce the weight of the kite while increasing longevity and improving steering speed.


The benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness


A balanced bridle with no pulleys gives a lighter feeling, faster turning and more responsive kite, allowing for a wider range of users and also control for jumping.


The most versatile kite in the industry allows for use in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles.

The 5 strut stable platform allows for stability in higher winds and the wide arc allows for increased glide.


The unique profile of the canopy allows for effortless upwind performance.


The smoothest and most 3d correct shape we’ve ever created allowing the smoothest transition between the segmented leading edge and curved canopy.

“Its hard to change a kite that has done so much for our sport and still keep delivering. But Pat Goodman did it again! I love to still have the crazy low end power and grunt that the Switchblade its famous for, but together with a new very nimble and light feel on the bar. The new canopy design deleted any sort of drag, so you end up with a very stable 5 strut kite that is fast and very direct to fly!”Alby Rondina

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