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1 - Your Ultimate Wave Kite- The 2024 NEO SLS

Your Ultimate Wave Kite- The 2024 NEO SLS

Since its inception, the Duotone Neo SLS has put its mark on the wave kiting scene. For 2024, the kite’s insane performance has been lifted up another notch….

Focusing on further improving the kite’s handling, we have made a number of refinements to ensure your riding experience is boosted into a new dimension. For example, the Neo SLS 2024’s revolutionary Hybrid Flex Struts, which are individually tailored and fine-tuned to each kite size, are now straighter with a wider wing tip shape. 

The corresponding results are pretty mind-blowing! Smoother, even faster, with a shorter depower stroke so you can react in a millisecond to Mother Nature’s requirements, ultimately enabling you to maximise your performance on every single wave. Even when fully depowered, the steering remains instant and incredibly dynamic, with you fully in control at all times. Being lightweight thanks to its state-of-the-art SLS construction, the Neo SLS’s insane drifting abilities are unmatched. And all this performance isn’t exclusive to waveriding. A quick change to the wing tip settings and you’re ready to boost, smash out crazy loops or work on your strapless freestyle game.

2 - Your Ultimate Wave Kite- The 2024 NEO SLS

The new Neo SLS builds on the incredible legacy of the previous years and further enhances the rider experience. Featuring Hybrid Flex Struts, which are now straighter and a wider, squarer wing tip shape show the focus was set on further improving the handling of the kite. The result is a kite with smoother handling, faster steering and a shorter depower stroke, allowing you to dump power instantly. The Hybrid Flex Struts are controlled by the precisely tuned ratio of Penta TX and STW70 adjusted to each size. The percentage of flex material in the tip struts decreases as the size increases. The new wing tips open up and flex when under pressure from the back lines, making for a super fast and near-instant initiation into the turn.

3 1200x754 - Your Ultimate Wave Kite- The 2024 NEO SLS

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