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Cabrinha welcomes a King!

TKM PLAY BUTTON 22 - Cabrinha welcomes a King!

Is this a move anybody saw coming? Cabrinha has won the lottery and scored not only one Casati, but two! 

No doubt you either saw the whole thing, or saw highlights from one of the most epic Red Bull King of The Air competitions in kiteboarding’s history. An event that not only will go down for its epic conditions, it also marked a shift in the big air realm whereby all 3 finalists were teenagers.  This changing of the guard was dominantly led by one person, who we are extremely proud along with his brother to welcome to the Cabrinha Family from December 1st.  Welcome Lorenzo and Leonardo Casati.
TKM PLAY BUTTON 795x530 - Cabrinha welcomes a King!


Lorenzo needs no introduction, his win at the KOTA event showed the world where the Big Air direction is going and with Cabrinha he will continue to lead and dominate in that area and also target the Strapless World Title. He is extremely excited to finally be able to announce his start with Cabrinha.

“I talked with the Cabrinha team and shared with them the same enthusiasm and ideas about the future.  Together we are going to be able to push the design of kites, boards and the sport to the next level” – Lorenzo Casati

Leonardo is the younger brother who is already dominating the youth competition scene on a global level.  The current GKA Strapless Jr. Champion and the World Junior U14 Champion in freestyle and big air, he will be showcasing his skills in the surf and in the air.


“Seeing this new generation of riders bringing big air kitesurfing to a completely new level of extremity is so exciting! Unbelievable what they are achieving now! It is so great to be a part of it and see the sport go full circle and get back to the roots of why we were drawn into the sport in the first place. With a totally new line-up of talented and fearless big air team riders combined with the new Nitro Big Air kite, Cabrinha is ready to “redefine” big air kiteboarding once again!” – Pat Goodman

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There's some exciting things coming from Cabrinha very soon, but if you can't wait… try this.

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