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Discover Fuwairit Kite Beach

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There is a new kiteboarding paradise that you MUST visit for 2023! Discover everything about Fuwairit Kite Beach.

On Qatar's northern coast, there is a new kite paradise. Perfect wind, warm crystal-clear water, and a newly created resort that is designed and dedicated to kiteboarding which will be opening soon.

We took a moment to chat to Sarah Lord, the person behind FKB, to find out more about this amazing location.

 Can you tell us more about the special location of FKB and why it was chosen?

FKB was chosen for its optimal kitesurfing conditions which include a white sandy beach, a flat water enclosed lagoon and clean side shore winds. The water is shallow and flat, perfect for both beginners and those who enjoy busting some freestyle moves. It’s a super safe spot, the predominant northerly winds blow fresh straight off the ocean so the winds are always really consistent, gusts are rare.

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What is the best time of year and what kind of conditions can you expect?

November to July are when the thermal winds start blowing almost daily. On a light wind day we’d expect 15 knots, on the nuclear days up to 35 knots, but wind speeds average at a steady 18-20 knots on most days. Sea temperatures hover around the 26 degree Celsius mark, although our coldest month in January can see this dip to 20 degrees Celsius. Air day time temperatures in the winter month are a pleasant 22-26 degrees Celsius, and warm to up to 32 degrees from May-July.

What sort of accommodation do you offer? Will you be offering accommodation and kite lesson packages?

We have 3 types of accommodation; compact rooms with twin bed arrangement, standard single room with King bed, and standard adjoining rooms with King bed adjoining to a double queen layout. All rooms are ensuite and come with the option to book a kitesurf package.

You will be hosting a GKA World Tour event to start 2023, can you tell us a little more about that?

The vision to bring the GKA to FKB was always there since we started the initial concept design way back in 2019. Beside focusing on what was needed to make this the perfect Kitesurfing resort we also considered how we could be the perfect host for international events. Hence the inclusion of a dedicated competition area located on site designed to accommodate technical staff, riders and media. The big announcement for the tour in 2022 was the sponsorship deal with our national airline, Qatar Airways, so we’re really honored to be hosting the first stop of the tour in January, and then crown the overall winners in December 2023.

You had several Pro riders visit the spot already, what did they have to say about it?

I think the best way to describe their reaction was ‘surprised’. Like most people they weren’t aware of the epic conditions that Qatar has to offer, so it was a real testament to have some of the top riders in the world come to test the waters and have a blast! I think they genuinely enjoyed their time here, some of the action and interviews from their stay can be seen on our Instagram page @fuwairit_kite_beach, and full length documentary of their stay features on the FKB Youtube channel.

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 Is there anything else you would like us to know about FKB?

The beauty about FKB is the ease of reaching there. It’s a short direct flight from most countries, with a 1 hour transfer time from landing at Hamad International Airport with shuttles offered directly to FKB. We’ve also got a very diverse team of staff so able to deliver Kitesurfing lessons in mutliple different languages.

If you would like to find our more about Fuwairit Kite Beach you can check out all the details right here.

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