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Ralf Groesel jr - Ralf Groesel joins Harlem Kitesurfing

Ralf Groesel joins Harlem Kitesurfing

One of kiteboarding’s leading designers joins the Harlem team. Here’s the full press release…

Ralf Groesel factory jr - Ralf Groesel joins Harlem Kitesurfing

In 2022 Harlem Kitesurfing started an exciting partnership with Brainchild Production, the most sustainable and innovative kite and wing production facility in Europe, where they produced their groundbreaking kite bag, made of 95% recycled materials. A year later, the pioneering kite of the Game Changer lineup, the Harlem Force was born here.

Today, the journey continues…

Harlem Kitesurfing is thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Harlem Family, marking a significant milestone in their journey. Ralf Groesel, one of the most distinguished designers in the industry, is joining Harlem Kitesurfing as Product designer.

“Harlem is an unconventional and dynamic brand dedicated to making a difference. To me, this ethos forms the foundation for creating extraordinary products”, shared Ralf.

With over 25 years of experience, Ralf Groesel has left a significant mark in the world of kite design. In 2000 he started his own kite brand which later became Flysurfer. In 2003 Ralf joined Naish Kiteboarding where he worked on several innovation projects. Later in 2007, he joined the kite R&D team of Boards & More, where he first designed the best-selling EVO. He then took over the VEGAS design and later added the DICE, JUICE and REBEL to his design portfolio.

In 2022 Ralf founded Brainchild Production, the first sustainable kite and wing production facility in Europe.

Ralf brings vast knowledge, passion for innovation, and commitment to sustainability. Harlem looks forward to the collaboration with him on the new additions to the Game Changer lineup as they continue to pursue their shared vision of creating the best high-performance gear on the market, accessible to every rider, while leaving nothing but a positive impact on our planet.

Harlem Kitesurfing

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