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The Sickos

TKM PLAY BUTTON 2 - The Sickos

Heard of the Sickos? You have now. 

These guys are the epitome of a good time. They show it in basically every video they upload to Youtube and maybe that's why they've just hit 100k subscribers. So here's a little congratulations from TheKiteMag and a note to everyone reading this… hit that subscribe button and live vicariously through them as the travel the world on one big adventure.

Originally from Hood River, Oregon, these boys have grown up kitesurfing, skiing and utilising all that the infamous Gorge has to offer. They soon took their adventures to the world stage and it hit off on the internet pretty quickly. Our digital editor, Peri, spent some time with them in Tarifa earlier this year and chatted to them about how they were making it work. They responded with ‘because we love what we do, and fun is a priority, but it doesn't come without some hard work and hours behind the scenes editing and working out logistics'.

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Partnering with Reedin and many other brands that align with their vision, their travels are always jam-packed with action. They've got their own merch line and are making their way to the top of Youtube stardom.

If you've met them somewhere along your own travels, you would know that you're in for a wild ride full of laughs and fun-filled, slightly unconventional activities. If you haven't, you can watch them from afar and take inspiration on how to have a good time in and out of the water through their videos.

Beware, don't try this at home.

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