Indo Calling

G0221197 - Indo Calling

It is that time of year that I make my annual pilgrimage to the surfing mecca that is Indonesia, for epic surfing and I'll pack a couple of kites in the hope of a few days of wind.

R87A4382A - Indo Calling

After a heap of testing with the guys from Core, I’m now super stoked to be riding their latest, newly released weapon – the Section wavekite ( and absolutely loving it.

R87A6586 - Indo Calling

We haven’t had much wind or major swells so far on this trip. On the days that the wind has blown it has been really light, so it has been the perfect opportunity to check out the drift capabilities of the Section. It has been working great in the big sizes.

G0120773a - Indo Calling

G0241242 - Indo Calling

The small waves have given me the opportunity to muck around with the GoPro and different line lengths a bit.

R87A6913a - Indo Calling

I have a few more weeks over here searching for waves, so I’m praying the wind and wave Gods bless me with a few days of epic conditions before the season is over. Then I will get to put the small sizes through their paces as well. But if the wind doesn’t happen this year, no worries… at least I can surf. But to surf in the morning and kite in the afternoon is heaven for me. Bring it on. YEOW!


G0150785a - Indo Calling

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