Manera announces new Team Ambassador

manera announces new team ambass - Manera announces new Team Ambassador

Carlos Mario -“Bebê” has a life story good enough for a Hollywood movie.

Living in north eastern Brazil in a village called Bairro do Cauipe, he learned how to fly a kite with his uncle when he was 5. Not owning his proper gear, the only way he could Kite at that time was by borrowing a quiver from some tourists. Carlos' talent was only recognized by local people until a company owner from Sao Paulo decided to trust in his future and help him compete into the Brazilian and the World tours.

Whether it is a natural talent or a skill developed during the hard times he’s been through, Bebê has something magical when he steps into his boots. His style and fluidity in the air has convinced the judges and the public, so that he was Vice World Champion in 2015 and he is starting 2016 with a win at the first event.

For him Kitesurfing isn’t just a sport & a passion, but also a way to take care of his family and to make them proud.

We are glad to welcome such a character into our team.

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