The Spornado Hood Jam

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The Spornado Hood Jam

The Spornado Hood Jam brings together 33 total riders, 24 men and 9 women, at the Gorge in Hood River, Oregon for a key event in the Kite Park League. Here's the low down on how you can keep up with the action:

Live Streams:

Behind the scenes images and updates from the athletes themselves:

This event is sponsored by Full Sail Brewery and Spornado (a social media app developed specifically for sporting events like this one).

The competitors have been taking full advantage of the media outlet, and released some awesome content already. To follow the action, download the app and follow the #Spornadohoodjam hashtag. Fans will be updated on the competition throughout the week on a more personal level.

Spornado also caters to coaches by helping them find new athletes and allowing them to enjoy the content from various sporting events. The riders and fans have been having a blast detailing their profiles and showing off behind the scenes footage. More updates will be posted on Spornado throughout the week so tune in or miss out.

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