Mystic Majestic X harness

Mystic SS2021 Majestic X Harness - Mystic Majestic X harness

Mystic release the latest incarnation of their popular Majestic hardshell harness complete with Bionic Core Frame…

Want to push your limits? Give the Majestix X a shot.

We've created a slimmer waist harness, with a carbon composite plate, battle belt 2.0 system and our patented bionic core frame. This allows optimum support, while maintaining all the comfort you would expect from a Mystic harness. The Majestic X comes with various features such as soft neoprene edges, knitflex and fix foam. The stiffness of the bionic core frame makes it the perfect harness for people who like to ride overpowered.

Discover more about the Majestic X and all of the benefits that it offers.


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