Ocean Rodeo release the Tumbler, their all-new, Big Air-optimized twintip

Ocean Rodeo proudly present – the Tumbler! 

Big Air is fast becoming kitesurfing’s most competitive and visceral discipline, with new events opening up around the world to celebrate strong winds and audacious riding. Pairing Ocean Rodeo’s strong heritage in tough and durable board design with their forward-thinking, innovative approach to building high-performance gear even lighter, today sees the official launch of Ocean Rodeo’s Big Air-focused twintip, the Tumbler.

Featuring a deep single concave in the mid-section that fades into uplifted beveled rails, the Tumbler’s bottom shape and rocker profile equal insane speed and control under your feet in all water conditions, not least the gnarly surface conditions you can expect when the wind gets over 30 knots. Blasting over short chop, white water or perfectly groomed ramps – and whether you are riding in straps or boots – the Tumbler’s edge will hold to the last second and let you lock, load, and send it!

  • Photo by Jay Wallace jaybwallace@gmail.com 32730 copy - Ocean Rodeo release the Tumbler, their all-new, Big Air-optimized twintip

The King Pin tail blends into extended rail chines to control torsion, providing more grip when the back leg is loaded, while aggressive deck contouring and side shaping in strategic points allows the Tumbler to twist and flex, delivering crisp, responsive control during high powered take-offs and hot landings. The carbon-reinforced polymer fins are then set closer to the tail for high-speed control and low face spray.

“Although built tough, we worked very hard to keep the Tumbler light and responsive. We are so stoked with the outcome, and the Tumbler is the board that’s first off the rack when the Ocean Rodeo R&D team go boosting!” Richard Myerscough, Ocean Rodeo CEO.

The Tumbler comes complete with Bliss Air pads, straps, grab handle and Groove 140 x 40 carbon polymer fins and is available from Ocean Rodeo stockists now.


  • 138x43cm
  • 135x42cm

Board Weights

  • 138×43 = 6.7lbs / 3.0kg
  • 135×42 = 6.5lbs / 2.9kg


For further information please head here.

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