lithium prof

TESTED: 2016 Airush Lithium

The Lithium is a mainstay in the Airush range and is a kite that has helped to define what a ‘freeride’ kite should do. With the arrival of the Union in the range and with the success of other ‘performance freeride’ kites on the market, we were keen to see how the Lithium compared.

Construction – as with the entire Airush range – is very well thought out and solid. The Dyneema Load Frame provides enhanced strength across the canopy and the use of Teijin Technoforce proves that no corners have been cut. The Lithium has a pulleyed bridle for maximum depower and the Core bar uses a pull/pull depower system.

In the air and the Lithium is a very stable kite. Movement is controlled and very predictable with no twitchiness or unexpected surprises. It is the kind of kite that you would be 100% happy to let one of your non-kiting mates have their first go with and that would comfortably introduce them to the world of kites. Depower is as close to complete as you are ever likely to get and the smooth ‘power on’ feels like you are steadily putting your foot down on the accelerator. You can load it up and send yourself up for some nice lofty airs as well – if you went a size or two bigger than you needed then it would be a boosting machine, and also in the waves for ‘park and ride’ shredding it is a lot of fun.

IN A SENTENCE: A very stable, safe and fun kite to fly – still defining what a true ‘freeride’ kite should do.

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