2016 Cabrinha Chaos

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chaos thumb - 2016 Cabrinha Chaos

The Chaos now has a world championship title under its belt – no mean feat – so is the kind of kite that deserves your attention if you are a freestyle devotee. Depending on your perspective it is either a six line kite, or a four line kite with two additional ‘suspension’ lines which serve to maintain the shape of the LE and provide additional support.

The Chaos flies on the Cabrinha Chaos 1X bar which is set up exclusively for this kite, and for 2016 there are customizable steering options for either a) quicker turning or b) improved stability depending on your style of riding. In the air the Chaos is really positive and direct, and there is a decent amount of bar pressure which lets you know where your kite is at all times. Although you may think of this as more of a wakestyle machine, we were really impressed with its boosting. It gives you a decent pull off the water, and if your timings are good then it will really send you up and the hang time is pretty tasty – C-kites seem to be the choice once again for good old boosting sessions.

The Chaos responds really positively to input, and if you want to really huck it into a Megaloop then it is keen. It’s also been well tuned to catch you through tricks which gives you the confidence to push harder knowing that the Chaos will be there to catch you. If you’re looking for that wakestyle pop then the Chaos has been built with this in mind, you only have to watch Liam Whaley loading up and letting rip to appreciate its credentials here. It gives you a good progressive edge to load up and create solid pop, then once you’ve released the Chaos flies forward perfectly and provides you with some sweet slack line for your passes.

For relaunch it is back to basics with the ‘swim toward’ technique (rather than the hybrid pull the back line). But if you’re buying a Chaos that kind of thing isn’t going to bother you…

IN A SENTENCE: This is a cracking C-kite – excellent wakestyle and slack line credentials make it a handlepass machine, but also very good to boost.

TKM12 COB Cabrinha Chaos - 2016 Cabrinha Chaos
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