2016 CrazyFly Raptor

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raptor prof - 2016 CrazyFly Raptor

The 2016 CrazyFly Raptor is looking great, the new graphics are superb and are moving the brand in a good direction. Moving on to below the topsheet, and construction wise CrazyFly have a new multi-channel base with V tips, a Step Cap deck (which allows for a narrower rail profile), and a new layup which is a mix of multi-axial fiberglass and X Carbon. There are also the ‘Light Up’ sidewalls which are a nice touch and a talking point on the beach!

The new Hexa bindings are a great piece of engineering – CrazyFly have been making a fuss about them and rightly so. They have a heap of adjustment options and are really comfortable with their scooped out heel cup and large grippy toe bar. Good work.

On the water and the Raptor immediately comes to life and rockets upwind with the new outline and well-conceived channel set up. Then the real surprise comes in the pop the Raptor gives you. CrazyFly have obviously put some time into getting this board right and it really flies off the water if you load it up. Then landings are nice and smooth and relatively forgiving.

For cruising around it is a smooth operator and flows really nicely from rail to rail through the turns. The Raptor is a board that is at home in most conditions, and that can perform top-end freestyle and wakestyle moves all day long.

COBS Crazyfly raptor - 2016 CrazyFly Raptor
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