2016 F-ONE Trax HRD Lite Tech

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FONE TRAX prof - 2016 F-ONE Trax HRD Lite Tech

One of the longest serving twintips currently in existence, the Trax has had a big and colorful visit from the design department for 2016. And she’s certainly a beautiful thing.

The new Lite Tech feature is in evidence and provides an undeniably cool cut out along each rail which lets a little bit of light through. Functional? No. Nice to see? Yes! Aside from this the HRD stands for Helical Rail Design and is a ‘staged’ rail profile which offers different levels of grip as you move from the center toward the step.

Riding the new Trax and you immediately know that you are on an F-ONE board. They just always deliver a quality ride and that reputation looks set to continue with the Trax HRD. The feel is snappy and responsive but still relatively forgiving – so you can comfortably cruise around forever without feeling it in your knees, even in challenging conditions, but when it’s time to load and pop the Trax has plenty to offer.

The double-concave-to-channel also allows the board to plane early, point upwind exceptionally well and makes it fast – acceleration is excellent, and the HRD Rail undoubtedly contributes to the smooth ride and ability to ‘turn on’ when required, and also gives the feeling that the board is riding ‘above’ the water, but with complete responsiveness and control.

We were testing this during a pretty stormy patch in the UK and it just destroyed the choppy conditions – you feel completely comfortable in solid 35 knot winds and at high speeds – there was also never any loss in control. The Trax also delivers fantastic grip which in turn gives you the added confidence to load that rail in high winds and boost big. Then there is also plenty of pop for wakestyle tricks and the bottom shape results in a relatively forgiving landing.

For intermediate to professional level freestylers the Trax is simply a superb board.

COB F ONE Trax HRD Lite Tech JR - 2016 F-ONE Trax HRD Lite Tech
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