2016 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy

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Prodigy prof - 2016 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy

The Prodigy has quickly placed itself at the core of the Ocean Rodeo range of kites. It is a kite that has learnt from 15 years of kite design and has applied the main evolutions of the sport very effectively to endeavor to be the ‘perfect all-rounder’.

Out of the bag and build quality is excellent, with solid reinforcements and a quality feel to the construction. There is a high volume inflation valve which, coupled with the Ocean Rodeo Big Pump, sees the kite inflated in a remarkably short amount of time. In the air and – as with previous Prodigys we have tested – the first word that comes to mind is: stability. It is such a well-balanced kite and you have an immediate sense that it is not going to do anything unpredictable.

On the water and the ‘power on’ is silky smooth. The bridle is pretty extensive on the Prodigy but it is well engineered and there is none of the ‘softness’ that a bridle can sometimes bring. Cruising around and the upwind performance is good and you can make subtle adjustments which make an immediate impact on how the kite flies.

For boosting the Prodigy offers plenty of lift – you can really pull on the bar and hit the turbo if you want – and it will float you down nice and gently. In the waves and it turns nicely – although it is not a massively ‘snappy’ kite – and the comprehensive on/off are a real asset when you want to get rid of the kite power and ride the wave.

The range of the kite is fantastic and you can comfortably ride the kite stacked without feeling like it’s going to take you anywhere you don’t want to go. Yes, this is a great freeride kite, and for pure cruising-around-fun it is at the top of its class.

COBS Ocean Rodeo prodigy - 2016 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy
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