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The Apex v7 is a longstanding board in Airush’s line up, and for 2021, at the hands of Dave Kay their twintip designer, it has had a rework. The ride has been restyled and a new outline and base shape provided, refreshing the feel of the board, and we have to say we’re impressed at what a fun and versatile board it is. The Apex is a crossover board designed for second season riders and beyond.  For a rider who wants to do a bit of everything, the Apex offers a playful and responsive ride, encouraging you into every carve, pop and boost you go for and even saving you with its cushioned and secure landings.

Starting with a vertically sandwiched paulownia wood that has been pressed to a low-medium rocker, the Apex is shaped with double concave. It is not as aggressive as some boards on test, but it is generous with a high center spine that runs the length of the board parting the water and breaking impact like a boat’s hull. At either end of the board, this then forms into tip channeling for extra grip and control. Moving away from a standard fiberglass attire, the Apex is dressed in double basalt fiber laminates, making it stiffer and more responsive than its predecessors. The board loads and rebounds with a strong and snappy response providing exhilarating height. There is definitely scope for riders who unhook to enjoy the Apex’s performance and it can be paired with either boots or straps.

The Apex is most at home when utilized for Big Air. It is a well-paced board with very accessible and controllable speed. The low to mid rocker dishes out plenty of speed as required, and the subtle yet effective double concave dishes out drive and directional stability throughout acceleration. While it’s clear that the shaping is done to improve its speed, pop and landing for Big Air, it is also an extremely comfortable ride and it cruised through the lumps and bumps of our UK beaches making fun of the chop. Thanks to its freeride/freestyle crossover outline, it is also a delight to slice into the face of a wave. With each carve the rails bite superbly, giving a delectable spray, and the rapid drive on exit leaves you itching to hit the next section.

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