Airush Ultra Team V5

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Airush Ultra - Airush Ultra Team V5

The Ultra Team V5 is a sleek, one-strut kite with a medium aspect ratio and a wide-open ‘C’ design engineered for foil, freeride and surf enthusiasts. What sets the ‘Team’ apart in the Airush lineup? It represents a faster and lighter step compared to its conventional counterpart, thanks to the integration of Ho’okipa material. Ho’whuut?? Ho’okipa is a cutting-edge material that Airush incorporates into the leading edge of the Ultra, enhancing its speed, rigidity and durability. Crafted of Ultra PE fiber, Ho’okipa renders the leading edge 25% lighter and 10 times stronger than traditional Dacron kites, allowing for a 50% pressure increase and therefore stiffness. As a result, the leading edge becomes noticeably thinner, fundamentally transforming the kite’s responsiveness and handling.

The strut is meticulously constructed using lightweight Dacron in combination with 2×2 Teijin’s Technoforce D2 ripstop canopy, renowned for its low stretch, light weight and high tear resistance proven over the years. Airush maintains its legendary Load Frame, renowned for bolstering durability without unnecessary weight. Ultra-high modulus yarns bear the primary load of the canopy, preventing stretch and enhancing long-term performance. This is complemented by WebTech, which minimizes Dacron reinforcements and redirects loads into the Load Frame through a web ‘subframe’. By integrating the Ho’okipa leading edge with the Load Frame and Webtech, the kite becomes exceptionally stiff, making it ideal for heavier riders. Moreover, this combination substantially minimizes canopy fluttering that is typically seen with one-strut kites.

Enough with the technical jargon; let’s dive into the exciting part. The first thing you notice as you unpack the kite is its remarkable lightness. At a mere 1.9kg for a 9m kite, the Ultra Team stands out, and you can truly feel the difference compared to a standard Dacron kite. The Ultra Team may not be the lightest kite on the market, but it is as nearly as light as kites coming in at a significantly higher price tag… While pumping the kite, you immediately notice the slender diameter of the leading edge. The kite offers two different settings on the back lines to adjust between lighter or heavier bar pressure.

During our testing session in seven to nine knots of wind with occasional lulls, the kite performed admirably, effortlessly navigating the challenging onshore conditions and large waves to kickstart our foiling session. Despite its size, the kite boasts impressive power and speed, facilitating easy water starts with an exceptional low end. As the wind picked up, we could comfortably continue riding as we depowered the kite. Here, we discovered yet another noteworthy feature – the kite maneuvers exceptionally well even when fully depowered. We tested some jumps on the foil, and the lift and hangtime exceeded expectations given the conditions. We intentionally crashed the kite a few times and all we can say is that getting it back up in the air (which has been the Achilles heel of some single strut kites) was super-easy.

In summary, the Ultra Team V5 is an incredible foil-focused kite that deserves a top spot on your list if you’re seeking the ultimate ‘foiling engine’. It turns beautifully, performs very predictably and will get you up on the foil in even the lightest conditions and then behave perfectly while you ride around…  Is there someone in the room who also enjoys taking out a twintip or surfboard when the conditions are right? I’m glad to say that this kite will bring you joy in those conditions and with different boards as well, particularly if you want to head out riding strapless where the light weight and ‘drifty’ vibe will suit more finessed wave riders very well too..

Airush Ultra Team V5 - Airush Ultra Team V5
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